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Crisis of Polis

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
Shauna Burke

Crisis of Polis 404-338 1 • period after Peloponnesian war • WWI: Europeans fight each other like Greeks (Sparta vsAthens) • confusion, but hope to get back to how things were before Themes of Crisis: • change vs continuity: new political scene/reality • shifting hegemony: no new Greek state can get ahead of another until one is done • economic destruction • changes in classic ideas of polis military innovation • Spartan Hegemony: (404-371) • Sparta doesn’t punishAthens when they won • Spartan Empire: go to Greek islands & tell them what to do (make them part of their empire); used Persian money (sold off Ionian states) • Persian War: Persians w/ help of Athenian mercenary, take out Spartans; most former allies of Sparta turn against them (Thebes, Corinth, Greek Islands); fund Sparta • Peace: king of Persia dictates peace • Spartans lose morals: problem keeping tradition within citizens Athens & Thirty Tyrants: • got rid of democracy, choose tyrants to rule instead • 30 people from 400 groups: pro-Spartans, moderates, democrats (exiled from city, took refuge in Thebes); seek revenge • Sparta declares end (have to get along or tone down 30 tyrants & let in other democrats) • slowly rebuilt democracy over next years • citizens are scared of each other Economic Pressures: Crisis of Polis 404-338 2 • disruption vs recovery of economy • Athens=depression • no real damage to Spartan home land, money from Persia • slowly go back to farms, sold to wealthy • used money b/c goods coming from area were becoming more dangerous • recovery in Athens in years following b/c if influx old Persian money- rebuilt wall, ships Military C
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