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Classical Studies lecture 2/3/4

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
Patrick Brown

Classical Studies Lecture 2SEPT 23 and 25 and 27The Bronze AgeThe MinoansMycenaeansPalaeolithic Period before 70000 BCNeolithic Period 60003000 BCBronze Age 30001150 BCHistorical Period 1150 BCAD 476Paleolithic PeriodEvidence for habitation in the Greek world Huntering and gathering societyTools and weapons of stone wood and boneNo evidence for social organization etcNeolithic PeriodEvidence is more abundantBeginnings of agricultural cultivation domestication of animals use of textilesPermanent communitiesPerhaps development of social structureFigurines found that may suggest the worship of a female fertility or earth goddess and her ithyphallic male consort Male nudity was very common in the classical Greek period while female nudity was very rareEgyptian god MinFourth Millenium BGoThought to be all about fertility but more likely a symbol of aggressionStatue of Hermes with an erectionin the streetsoSymbolizes safety and securityoA strong presence defended by maleness Maleness courage strength virtue all words to describe the reasoning behind the many ithyphallic displays throughout the classical periodIthyphallic displays are shown by apes as wellThrough evolution we lost the ability to put on aggressive displaysoThe behaviour impulse of aggression pre dates usoEx huge helmets in fashion to show dominance Historical ContextThe Ancient Near EastHigh Civilizationa fairly developed society that is cultured and very nuanced Classical scholars were very reluctant to admit that the East had any influence on the Greek worldThe language barrier was a reason to disregard the Easts influence on the Greek Not knowing how many Greeks could in fact learn another languageThere were other was that the Greeks were influenced by the East Art was one of those means and you can see traces of the influence in early Greek piecesEx poemsGreek poems about Lions The Greeks probably never metsaw lions so their idea of lions most likely came from artistic representation from other placesHistorical ContextEgypt There are very clear influences of Egyptian influence in Greek culture Bronze Age ChronologyAccording to Hesias as time passes quality of life goes down hill Greek ages Golden age Silver age Bronze age Heroic age Iron age1150 BCconventional date for the fall of TroyThe Minoans KnossosThe Palace of Minos
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