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Lecture 8

Classical Studies 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Germanicus

Classical Studies
Course Code
CS 1000
David Lamari

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March 15th
#3 Classics
The Julio-Claudians
He designated Tiberius his step son to be his main heir
Tiberius was forced to marry Julia, which was Augustus’ daughter
Tiberius was awkward, introverted, uncharismatic
Asked Tiberius how much power he wanted
In Augustus’ will he said that Tiberius must choose his nephew Germanicus
not, his own son Drusus to be his next successor
Germanicus was found dead in Syria, which they believed he was killed by
some sort of witch craft
Son Drusus is put to death
Tells Tiberius that his son is planning to kill him
Son Drusus is put to death
Sejanus asks Tiberius, if he can marry his dead sons wife
Sejanus was Tiberius’ bodyguard… whom was having an affair with his sons
Tiberius loses it and Sejanus, his daughter in law and all of their family
Sejanus gained a lot of power by being a spokes person of Tiberius
Economic and Military Policy
Tiberius ran Rome at a surplus (lots of tax)
Known as a bad emperor
Legion was around 6000 people
If someone wanted to invade a place they had to use legions from provinces
in Rome make new ons and use money
Germanicus wanted to invade Germany and that’s where his nick name came
Tiberius didn’t want this because they didn’t have enough troops
Was 25, and nicknamed “little boots”
oGained the nickname from wearing army boots and going to the army
camps with his father when he was young
Increased entertainment and public spending was well liked by the citizens
Bankrupts the treasury
Assassinated by guards
He was emperor for 4 years, appointed as Tiberius successors
He was also one of Germanicus’ sons
He wanted to invade Britain and German
Invasion of Germany was unsuccessful
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