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Classics Lecture #1

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

Sept 10, 2012 • Before this things were confusing for scholars • We'll skip all the stuff before the Greeks • They were so articulate and they Bronze Age because these events are talked about things. very difficult to see what all of it • They didn't have fixed dates, they meant. used the Olympics as a sign of dating (Bronze Age, like the stone age, the means system. of production aka bronze, defines who this generation is. ) 3000-1200BC • Bronze Age Agricultural Revolution • Not real Greeks • People started to give a fuck about This is a era of great kingdoms and land and inheritance. • empires • We enter the Neolithic Era, which means now we have laws! 1200-7500BC • Dark Age Indo-European • Bronze Age collapsed • Highly affected by defending their cul- • 99% of people were farmers ture and forcing neighbors to adopt their culture and language. Their culture and language was adopt- 750-480BC • • Archaic Age ed y everyone except Hungarian and • Now things look more Greek Finnish Period of development • Germans said they were blonde and • had blue hair and Germans are their di- • Kept on making naked statues rect descendant. 480-323BC • Most languages are Indo-Europeans. If its not Indo-European, then the lan- • Classical Age guage is hard to decipher. • Develops a sense of identity because Persians invades • They start growing as Greek (cultural- The First Empire ly) and developments begin. • Non Indo-Europeans that lived near Crete • High point of Greeks • There is a story called Crete and King 323 - 30 BC Minos • The king had naval power. • Hellenistic Age • King Mino's wife had sex with a bull • When Alexander the Great dies, (wtf) and got pregnant Greeks aren't important anymore. • They had a child and King Minos got • Romans eventually takes over and an- cient Greek is gone. pissed off and hid him in a maze, which is definitely better than killing him, right? 40000 - 750 BC • He got 7 virgin boys and 7 girls to be • Palace dictates, and in change, made thrown into the maze for the boy to ppl with talents go specialize in whatev- eat. er they had talents in, and do their • A prince thought it was intolera- thing. ble and volunteered and went into the • This caused rapid advancement in ev- maze. erything. • He was dating King Minos’ daughter • With a palace, the talents and shit so when he went in, he brought yarn so were preserved. he can find his way out. Crete comes into contact with older • • So he killed the half human had bull civilizations and empires and share and came back out. knowledge. • The end. The Minoan Mystery The Minoans • A script meant to represent the lan- • King Minos actually had a palace. guage • 3.2 acres, 3 stories tall. • Non Indo-European Dated around bronze age. • No idea how to decipher • • Instead of renovating (stripping off • In the rooms there are pillars. the building) they just kept on adding • Bulls make frequent appearance in on rooms until it was really big. Greek culture because of Minoans. • It looks like a maze. • Light skin people are also shown a lot; light skin = indoors = rich = aristocracy Minoan Crete
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