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Classics Lecture #4

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

Oct 1, 2012 • Elders (30) made a group that made decisions. • The Elders will ask a crowd and the Sparta • Encouraged to do poetry. crowds will cheer and stuff and who- • People who wrote about Sparta ei- ever cheered louder will win. ther really admired them or feared • Theres 2 kings? (Unsure) them. • There were 5 ephors were people whos only power was to enforce • They felt like writers who aren't muslims and wrote about muslims. spartan decisions. • People are writing about Sparta, • They addressed each other and they're biased. as"equals" • They were sub group of Dorians. • "hello equal" “helloo equal." • There were Sparta spies that • Dorians invaded Greece. • Up to 7th century they were just a dressed as helots and spied on them typical Greek people. and then killed them. • The only people that can hold posi- tions in Athens came from certain Control families. • There were neighbors that ab- sorbed the neighbors nearby, but • There were 4 different geographic what they did was not a greek thing districts. to do. Tyrants • They would say, yo
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