Classical Studies 2200 Lecture Notes - Minyans, Tiryns, Cerberus

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Published on 6 Feb 2013
Dec 5 2/3/2013 8:21:00 PM
Hera hates him, because he is Zeus’ illegitimate son
Shity life begins when hera send two snakes to kill him in his crib
o Of which he kills with his baby hands
He kills lion of kithairon
Kills minyans, maries Megara
o Hera strikes him mad and he kills his own kid
Goes into exile
o Delphi tells him to move to Tiryns and serve Eurytheus for 12 years and 10
Heracles becomes a very liminal character when he goes to do these 10 tasks
Eurytheius says 2 of his tasks didn’t count because one he got help in and the other he
got paid for
Thus he does 2 more and it becomes 12 labours
Murders again and this time he sells himself into slavery
Mythemes of goes mad, kills, looses freedom, does cool shit
Sails against troy in the first sack of troy
King Laomedon had refused to pay after Heracles killed a sea monster
Marries Deianeira who accidently kills him
Gives him poison that she thought was a love potion
Mythemes of doing jobs for no pay that should be paid, and also of people not paying for things
they should
The tasks
Nemean Lion
o Ancient city
Lernaean Hydra
o Ancient city
o Hydra is a descendent of typhoon
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