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The Etruscans

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

Jan 23 12 The EtruscansThe Etruscans The most important of the preRoman indigenous peoples of Italy Called Tyrsenoi Tyrrheni EtrusciAccording to Roman sources the Etruscans at one point dominated nearly the whole of Italy Recent scholarship has judged the Etruscans to have been a significant and highly developed civilization not simply a primitive and mysterious precursor to Greece and Rome Language Was once believed to be obscure and mysterious but recent research has made significant progress There are still gaps in our understanding of grammar and lexicon 9000 epigraphic texts A liber linteus linen book 4050 glosses Etruscan loan words in Latin and some Latin and Greek loan words in Etruscan Etruscan alphabet was taken over from a West Greek alphabet That Latin alphabet was adopted from the Etruscan Civilization Ancient sources offer two accounts of their origins one is that they arrived from the east Herodotus or authochthonous Dion Hal The story of Tyrrhenus leading of an exodus from Lydia to Italy now seems to be a political fabrication They seem to have occupied an Iron Age settlement in Italy ththArchaeological evidence suggests a development in culture and society during the 8 and 7 cent BC A recognizable artistic tradition with painted pottery bucchero a distinctive Etruscan style of pottery bronzework and jewellery Sarcophagus dei Sposi This sculpture is a hollow cinerary urn Comes from the Banditaccia nec
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