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Early Rome

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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

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Jan 23 12 Early Rome and the Etruscans Early RomeTwo Main Sources of EvidenceArchaeology Later ancient historians especially from the Republican Period Livys Titus Livius Ab urbe condita libri Books from the Foundation of the City The early history of the city of Rome foundation date is traditionally set at 753 BCArchaeological Evidence Many placenames in Italy are nonIndoEuropean IndoEuropean speakers Italic groupincl Latin must have arrived from elsewhere probably the Balkans or central Europe but the date is uncertain Rome is in Latium and so we speak of Latial phasesLatial Phases I from 1000875 BCE Final Bronze Age Preurban Little evidence other than a few burial urns No habitation sites IIA from 875800 BCE Early Iron Age Preurban IIB from 800750 BCE Early Iron Age Protourban Division of this phase into two is the
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