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Roman Expansion and the Punic Wars

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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

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Jan 25 12 Roman Expansion and the Punic WarsThe Roman Conquest of Italy thTowards the end of the 5 cent BC the Romans began a campaign of conquest and colonization Numerous Italian tribes were brought under Roman control With Roman political control went Roman culture and language Latin increasingly became the dominant language of Italy Other languages are known such as OscanUmbrian Greek Etruscan and GallicRoman Imperialism ththImperialism is a modern term first used to describe the growth of colonial empires in 19 and early 20 cent Europe It is now frequently used to describe the growth of Roman power in Italy and Romes creation of its rdstMediterranean and European empire from 3 cent BC to the 1 cent AD thndFrom 5 to 2 cent BC Rome was a profoundly military society imperium was essentially military power Any aspiring magistrate had to have performed 10 years of military service Religious and political importance of the triumph trimphus Roman expansion was rooted in military strength alliances and conquests When the Romans moved outside of Italy they secured their control by establishing longterm provinces prouinciae Roman imperialism is thus expansionist Some have argued that it was in origin defensive and only incidentally expansionist Recent scholars have pointed to economic motives and a desire for territorial acquisition Roman political classes grew to believe that other states should do what Rome required of them The Pax Rom
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