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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

Feb 06 12 CleopatraIconography Attempt to portray MacedonianGreek monarchy in the more traditional Egyptian formCleopatra Cleopatra VII 6930 BC became queen in 51 BC and she ruled first alone and later with her younger brothers Greek rulers adopted the practice of brothersister marriage for royalty Bore children to both Caesar and M Antonius Very successful in her rule over Egypt An expert linguist and the first Ptolemy to know Egyptian as well as several other languages but not Latin a lot of the elite Romans spoke Greek as well but were hesitant to learn and speak Latin barbarians According to Plutarch it was her conversation not her looks that was the secret of her success The legend of Cleopatra proved to be more powerful than the historical record and she fascinated people right from the beginning one of the myths about her was one concerning her great beauty and she is said to be the author of treatises on hairdressing and cosmetics Her liaison with M Antonius was the focus of Octavians propaganda and demonizing the enemy was a typical strategy of most combatants make your enemy out to be fundamentally evil Tend to get Octavians Augustus side of things in literature monster wicked woman but it is possible he feared Egyptian wealth and foreignness They hated on her so much because they wanted to detract from the idea of a civil war and have Romans fighting nonRomans instead although the fact is she was actually helping Antony but the Romans had trouble with idea of civil war so much of it and it was traumatic Brother turned against brother so if Octavian could present his conflict with Antony as really against degenerate nonRomans makes him seem all the more virtuous in hi
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