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Roman Art

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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

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Feb 10 12 Roman ArtVery interested in both public and private art but also interested in very public statements Colossal statue of Constantine As in the Greek world art can be broadly divided into public and private Private art was decorative and intended for personal use and public art was also decorative but regularly with a commemorative and sometimes symbolic function reflects the ideology of the people who set it up Private patronage of artists played a more prominent role in Rome than in Greece because there were lots of elite Romans with a lot of money who wanted to make their own kinds of personal statements and Roman ideas about art and artistic styles were influenced by numerous cultures Spoils brought back from foreign campaigns and many Greek artists migrated to Rome and by the 1st century BC there were the first European art galleries where the Romans were more interested than the Greeks in commemorating historical events in public and private art The Greeks like lists and the Romans likes big monumental statementsA Note on Sources Ancient works of art h
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