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Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

Feb 17 12 Hellenistic and Roman PhilosophyPhilosophy after Aristotle Continued to flourish at Athens in the century following Aristotles death in 322 BC but there were significant changes such as many more schools a focus on new questions and implications of Alexanders conquests People from nonGreek background were attracted to Athens and Alexandria became the focus of scientific research The focus of philosophy narrowed and it became more like modern notion of philosophy less comprehensive than the intellectual initiatives of Plato and Aristotle and it became more systematic It is uncertain that Plato and Aristotle were in face attempting to produce systems Philosophy now was an integrated system for a complete understanding of the worlds basic structure and our place in it and a persons choice of philosophical allegiance would radically affect ones whole outlook on life practical use of philosophy different emphasis and it sought to give people a way to live life in a meaningful wayThe Principal Schools Stoicism Founded by Zeno of Citium who came to Athens in 313 BC and named after Stoa Poikile Painted Porch After Zeno the school almost failed but divergent positions were unified by Chrysippus Stoicism had a strong appeal to the R
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