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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2200
Aara Suksi

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Monday September 20 2010 Mythsspecific values in a specific societyreflected in the epicspoetrymythsreflects truths about the cultures their fears values traditions traditional narrative traditionaltragoshanded downshared down through generationseg folk songs orally transmittedoriginal story morphs throughout timestory becomes flexible no rightwrong versionmay change to reflect changes in the societyoriginal author unknownunlike poetry or epics where author is knowna way to understand the unknown the inexplicable the mysterious the importantreinforces and reflects culture values desires and fearsTypes of Mythdivine mytheg birth of Athena born from zeuss head w help of heps ax god of metal smithexplains natural phenomenon Eg weathershape of landscapequalities found in pplintellecteg thunderzeus is angryrarely talks about human beings as the main char
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