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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
David Lamari

Ancient Greek AthleticsArete Post Oct 16 Midterm 10222012 13100 PM Chapter 6 The Olympic Games300BC nd Took place 2 full moon after summer solstice Aug 9 in 300BCNot much left for reconstruction o PreparationEliscontrolled Olympia and supervised its gamesPausanias only accountable description of Elisan old gymnasion place for training for Olympia Plethron100 footer where judges match wrestlers by ageabilityTheres a second smaller gymnasion it is called square because of its shape Wrestlersboxers practice o Theres a road that leads to bathsother leads to Hellanodikaion judges buildingsA third gymnasion reserved for young men epheboithroughout the Olympic festival o This gymnasion is also the council house bouleuterionElis was an athletic training townJudges Hellanodikaion elected 10 months prior to festival by Eleansguardians of the law10 judges elected o Nomophylakes guardians of the law instruct them of their dutiesAonothettes Sponsorpays out of his own moneySplit into subcommittees horse races footraces etcEkecheria 50 member boule announcement where participants given a month to arrive at games or theyre flogged safely no matter what broadcasted by heralds or spondophoroitruce bearers and somethings theoroienvoysFragment discovered in Nemea proves this o Story of King of Macedonia coming to compete in Olympics came up with story saying hes related to Hercules to compete o Athletes were then trained for a month late athletes were fined flogged if didnt pay o Athletes took oaths of their 10 months of trainingThey trained against each other in last month o Preapproval trial matches caused some to withdraw o Man who worked out became dominant o 85 of Greeks had their own farms o Meanwhile spectators and athletes entourage of friendsfamily came in o Preparations also made at Olympia during this timeSacrifices done etcStadium clearedBuildingwater channel repairsAeration of the land then smoothen it offSkammas pits for jumpers dug but took place during competition athletes would helpInscriptions white earth applied to show lanes on running surfaces expensiveInstall starting mechanisms for the races Hysplex o Before leaving Elis and other Stephanetic cities judges gather athletes and say Go now into the stadium and be men worthy of winning o Before leaving for Olympia Judges sayif you have worked to be worthy of going to Olympia if you have done nothing indolent or ignoble then take heart and march on but those who have not so trained may leave and go wherever they like Philostatosapprox 1000 ppl heading to Olympia from Elis after speech th They march daynight august 67 stop once for a ritual purification at Piera where judges are sprinkled with pigs blood and washed off so they would be clear to enter the Sanctuary of Zeus Pausanias o Proof that the games are a religious festival The Festivalo Plato made friends with random ppl he shared a tent with in Olympia he did not make reference to who he actually wasHis friends later came to Athens to meet the namesake of their new friend plato he then said I am that person
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