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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2300
David Lamari

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Classics March 19 th Amphitheatrical Events Editors have his slaves to paint on the walls Advertisement - provide gifts for audience - how many animals/gladiators - 1 stage After the 5 days of gladiatorial, they have results published on newspaper. Don’t advertise everything since audience always wants something extra. Propompa – a parade of somekind. Rudis – a stick or rod , the wooden stick that the novice or beginner would practice A gladiator is given a wooden sword whenever given freedom Rudarius – the gladiator who is already freed. Summarudis – gladiator who is freed but also lost that infames status, must have done something spectacular. “Hall of Fame” Only they are qualified to ref the gladiatorial matches. Not every summarudis is a ref, but every ref is a summarudi. Pompa is in the theatre itself. Usually set at beginning of the day, testing of the weapons. Usually shrines in / outside the theatre. Program Morning: Animal Hunts (Venationes) Noon: Executions (noxii) Afternoon: Gladiators (Munera) Venator ? Exotic animals are rare and popular and it displays power and connections If theatre has an underground, the introduction of exotic animals could be arran
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