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Lecture 2

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2300
David Lamari

Greek History The romans – 753bce-600ce Primary sources -written -epigraphy and papyri -artistic and archaeological -The Iliad, an archaeological site an inscription Written/literary sources - elite men - genre type varies - casual comment allusion -Greek or Roman (sources written in greek and latin) -conflicts between authors (one author’s works may be different from another’s) -His own beliefs, the beliefs of a group, actual sociological description? Philostratus -writes in greek -writes under the Romans Epigraphy/papyri - Epigraphy – writing on stone - Funerary statues/reliefs - Papyrii – writing on papyrus - Usually a personal document - Much found in Egypt as it is very dry - Both are independent of the literary tradition (even though they both use writing) - 100’s and 100’s of both - Can fill in the gaps left by the primary sources - Good for discussing social cultural history - Problems: can we use them to generilze? Art/archaeology - Provide info literary sources can’t/wont - Must be used with caution - Mistakes can be made in interpretation on the evidence (we cant look at it the same way as ancient people did - Art is not a slice of life but rather idealistic depiction - Provenance/find spot (where it is found/dug out) : most extant works of art are tomb goods Pottery at Athens - Attic black figure - 6 C BCE - “ABF” - Figures are black, bg is light - Attic red-figure pottery th th - 5 4 C BCE - “ARF” - Figures are red, bg is dark Kylix (pl. kylikes) - Used for drinking Tondo - The drawing showing the scene o
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