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Lecture 8

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2300
Charles Stocking

Lecture 8 – Olympia Pt. II Olympia in the 5 Century 479-450 BCE - Contribution of the Temple of Zeus (new ground) – no old foundation - New Stadion increased capacity by 50% - More victory statues (tropaia) were dedicated between 500 and 450 BCE than any other period for both battles and athletic victories o In part civic ideology, in part due to new spatial arrangement of sanctuary 450-400 BCE - After 450 BCE, military tropaia (trophies) stopped being dedicated  due to Peloponnesian war (Athens vs. Sparta) - Display of peace treaties between Athens and Sparta o 30 year peace – 446-445 BCE o Peace of Nicias 421 BCE - Display of Elean allegiance to Athens against Sparta o BIG ISSUE b/c Olympia is in the Peloponnese – a territory of Sparta - For a period of time, Sparta was excluded from the games (political decision by Elis) for breaking the Olympic truce - A battle occurred in Olympic sanctuary for Sparta to capture sanctuary of Zeus - After the Peloponnesian war, Elis returns loyalties to Sparta Temple of Zeus - Construction began around 470 BCE - Construction funded by the spoils of a local war between Elis and Persia - The temple was completed in 457 BCE when a golden tripod was dedicated by the Spartans on the peak of the gable after defeating Athens in the cattle of Tanagra in that year Olympic Zeus - Statue made by Pheidias - 42 ft. tall - Holding a statue of Nike in his left hand - Image of Zeus became a symbol of Elis’ power Temple of Zeus – East Pediment: Chariot Race of Pelops - Pediment = top roof portion - Decoration programs were thematic - Chariot race between Pelops and Oinomaos - Pelops wins because of his relationship with the gods (in Pindar’s version) – intervention by Poseidon or Zeus - Violent contest  marriage - Violence from host (Oinomaos) - Women as prizes - Settled by divine intervention (Poseidon/Zeus) Temple of Zeus – West Pediment: Lepiths and the Centaurs - Perithous marries Hippodameia (not the daughter of Oinomaos – different one) - Peithous invites the Centaurs - Centaurs attempt to rape the wives of the Lapiths - Perithous and
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