Lecture 3 - Modern Criminology and Ancient Crime, Part 1

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2301A/B
Randall Pogorzelski

Lecture 3Modern Criminology and Ancient Crime Part 1 y Criminology The Basics5 Things o Authour Sandra WalklateBritish criminologist o Date first edition 2005 second edition 2011Know dates because historical context mattersPage numbers are different because she added information about war crimes that happened between 20052011 o Title Criminology The Basics o Language British English o Location Liverpool UK y Crime and war are separate things war directed outwards crime directed inwards o However war crimes do exist even in the ancient world o Usually for cowardice or poor treatment of enemies prisoners of war etc y Chapter 1 What is Criminology o Extremely flexible subject o Approaches1Legaldefines crime as lawbreaking behaviour crime is not all about law law not all about crime but there is definitely a connection y Vary from place to place time to time what was law breaking in the past not necessarily in the present and vice versa y Limitations when trying to find common ground between ancient and modern ideas of criminality do agree on category of crime2Moraldefines crime by what is morally wrong even if it is or isnt against certain laws y Some laws are not to prevent immoral acts eg speeding opposite also true y Sometimes feel on the side of the criminal because what they did was morally right3SocialWorries about what people think about criminal behaviour y What is criminal and what is socially wrong are very similar y Interpret laws to social customs y Nomos Greek for law and social customestablishing what is right and what is socially acceptablesocial custom4HumanisticHuman rights that transcend social customs and law y Universal idea of how people should be treated
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