Lecture 3 - Modern Criminology and Ancient Crime, Part 2

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2301A/B
Randall Pogorzelski

Lecture 3Modern Criminology and Ancient Crime Part 2 y Search for Criminological Explanation continued o 3Relative DeprivationPeople commit crime because other people are better off feel deprived and want what others haveDeprived of what they have the right to haveIn the Oresteia y Orestes feels that he has been deprived of what is rightfully his crown of Argos and that his mother treated him badly y Even though he is doing much better than a lot of people in Ancient Greece he still feels that he is being deprived of what is rightfully his o 4Hegemonic MasculinityMen expected to fight back and women are not Social expectations of gender y Unmanly not to fight someone when they are threatening youIn the Oresteia y Answers why it is Orestes not Electra who killed Clytaemestra and Aegisthus o Electra as a woman is supposed to accept her circumstanc
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