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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2301A/B
Randall Pogorzelski

LectureRoman Philosophy of CrimeFive Things for Ciceros Laws o Author Marcus Tullius CiceroRoman politicianLived 10643 BCEOptimate and a novus homo o Title Ciceros LawsPhilosophical dialogueLatin De Legibus o Date 55 BCE44 BCEWe dont know for sureSuffered a political setback in 56 BCE after conference at Luca Conference at Luca town in northern Italy Caesar Pompey Crassus met up to arrange their plan for the Roman government under their power informal pact o Cicero not involved in the pact even though he was the guy in Ancient RomeStarted to write philosophyBecame active in politics against after the assassination of Caesar in 44 BCE Civil war between Caesar and Pompey over Crassus killedKilled in December of 43 BCEIncurred the wrath of Mark Antony o Location RomeAlso spent time in his hometown of Arpinum where the dialogue takes placeMost likely written in Rome o Language LatinQuotes from the Laws o ATTICUS If you want to know what I expect it seems logical that since you have written about the best constitution you should also write about its laws For that I notice is what Plato did your idol and favourite whom you revere above all others 102Atticus a friend of Cicero Atticus a knight in Greece and not involved in politicsCicero really likes Plato takes the model of Plato and writes a dialogueCicero is the main character different than Platonic dialogues where Plato doesnt appear at allCicero does all the talking and knows everything explaining it to everyone else o MARCUS Quite right too for you may be sure that there is no topic which brings out so clearly what nature has bestowed on man how many excellent things the human mind contains what task we were born and brought into the light to address and accomplish what sort of factor unites human beings
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