Lecture 7, Part 1 - Ciceronian Crime

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2301A/B
Randall Pogorzelski

Lecture 7 Part 1Ciceronian Crime y Five Things for Pro Caelio o Authour Marcus Tullius CiceroRoman politician who lived from 10643 BCEOptimate and a novus homo y New manfirst in his family to hold a consulship new to the political elite of Rome o Did come from wealthy family y One of the conservative politicians who believed in the traditional authority of the Senate o Title Pro CaelioOne of Ciceros courtroom speeches most commonly known in Latin as the Pro Caelio y Translated in your book as In Defense of Marcus Caelius Rufus o Date 56 BCECicero delivered the speech in 56 BCE y Less than a decade after the Catilinarian conspiracy y Relatively recent news to the people o Location RomeGiven in a speech in the city more specifically the Roman Forum o Language Latin y Five Things Crime and Community in Ciceronian Rome o Author Andrew Riggsby o Title Crime and Community in Ciceronian Rome or Vis A Plague on the StateVis means violence in Latin o Date 1999 o Location Austin o Language English y Romans believed that their laws to have begun with the Twelve Tables o Regulating competition among the elite o 450 BCE tho Not superseded until Justinians codification in 52834 CE 6 century CE o Similar to Athenian view of law beginning with Dracos Laws y Patria Postestas one of the key institutions of early Romeo Paterfamilias entirely free of interference in internal family matters o Roman law the head of the household has the power of life and death over the members of the familyFather could kill his children and it was not illegalFamily the basic unit that was represented in the legal system o State didnt interfere in family matters
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