Lecture 9, Part 2 – Roman Tragedy of Crime

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2301A/B
Randall Pogorzelski

LectureRoman Tragedy of Crime Part 2Servant Pick other agents for your savage plan Atreus Young people are more obedient to bad orders Servant If you teach them to turn on their uncle they will turn on their fatherCrime often comes back round again to its teacher Atreus Even if nobody teaches the ways of crime and deceit power itself will teach it Are you worried they will grow badThey were born that way 189 o Trying to convince Atreus to keep his own children Agamemnon and Menelaus out of his plot o Relationship between father and his sons o Agamemnon also paying for the crime committed for his father but he was also involved in the plot o Agamemnon just following orders not expected to refuse to obey bad ordersAtreus teaching his sons to do bad things grow up to be criminalsCriminality is something you are taught social control theory o Cycle of vengeance within a family because of a social issueHappens because of the way that children are raised o Atreus says they were born that wayThey are born to commit crimes o Power will teach crimeIdea that social environment that produces criminality is not specific to one person about the social situation in which they find themselvesSituation of power for Agamemnon and Menelaus Born to commit crimes and might as well use them in is plotAtreus Yes then th
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