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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2302A/B
David Lamari

The Peloponnesian War Sparta finally decided to go against Athens after they got annoyed  Sparta needs to defeat Athens  Athens didn’t need to take over Sparta: only wanted to keep their land, only a defensive war  Greater man power and much richer  Spartans allies were very loyal and wanted to defeat Athens, while Athens allies were not really loyal as they wanted to independent of the leader Athens In the summer the Spartans took all the farmers and they marched to Athens Athens didn’t come out for the fight, as the Athenians went into the city and hid out The Spartans took everything from the farms  Athens had huge walls around the city, with highway to harbor with their ships their o Would ship in supplies  The Spartans returned o Happened for years  There was also a huge plague that went around the second year (429) 427: Athenian revolt on island of Lesbos revolted, and failed  Decided to put all the men to death, and enslave all the women and children o Took a second vote, and changed their mind 425: Athens sent ships to Pylos and counterattacked  Spartans went to go against them, but ended up being trapped on the island as the Athenians cut them off o Surrendered, and were taken to Athens  Spartans decided to ask for peace  Athens declined the war, changing their battle plan, and held onto the Spartans 424: Brasidas new Spartan commander  took his soldiers and went into Greece and change Athenian allies mind o Athenians offered peace: supposed to last for 30 years  Sparta would not interfere, and Athens would not take over Spartan leagues  Spartan allies refused to sign the treaty  Lasted 6 years 415: Alcibiades, Athenian alliance  persuaded Athens to make alliance within Peloponnese alliance of Spartans  forced Melos to make Athenian alliance (didn’t want to get involved)  Sicilian Expedition: sent fleet to Sicily to concur Syracuse (rich city) o Thought it would be quick and easy, entire fleet wiped out o Alcibiades never went to Sicily as it was believed that he castrated all the sacred statues and was to go to trial, fled to Sparta instead to help them Code of fighting wasn’t working as Athens wouldn’t come to fight  Decided to go to total war o Alcibiades advised this
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