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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2302A/B
Christopher Brown

-ţţ Vf f¾n9°¾ť Ŵ– ¾¾nfn°¾ n °°f ¾° Ŵ¾¾½½¾ ½n ¾ ¾°°¯¾f¾¾ ¾f–¯° Ŵ ¾¾f ¾n ¾f½¾¾f f° ¾°¯¾nf°–€¯n n Ŵ ff ¾¯f n – €¾n f ¾ °–¾€ ¾f Ŵf f¾f€n °€f¾f ¾nf¾ Ŵf f¾f°½¾¾°€½f°fn n¯f–°nť ŴI n¯¯° Ŵ,f° € f¾¾f°¾¾f ¾ ¯½¾¯ Ŵf¾¯° ¾€ n€f° f¾ f¾¾nf¯ť Ŵ¯¾©¾ ¾ €¯¾ Ŵ,f° ¯¾ ½°¾f¾¯°½½nf¯¯¾f¯¾ Ŵ@¯¾ f½€¾ °¾f° f¾ff¾ ° ½f f € –¾ ŴJf ¾½fn ¾°nf¾ ¯n¾¯½f° n¯¯° Ŵ,f° ½½°¾f½°¾°f°n° ¾n½ ¾° ¾°ff¾ f f°°n¾¾f ½ f ff¾ Ŵ,f¾ ¯€½ °n ½¾¾n¯¯° nf°½ n ¾€ Ŵ¾¯¾f°f Ŵ- ¯f° f¾¾¯f– ¯f°fn½f–¾ť ° Ŵ n° Ŵn f ¾°– ¾ f ¾f°–¾ Ŵ¯f°€f° €¯f€– Ŵ½½½f °f€€° n° f° f Ŵ,¾¾ Ŵ¾f° Ŵ,¯f° n¯f– -ţţ ,f°ff°fť Ŵ@¾f ¾€ °f½¾¾°€f° ¯f¾f ŴI n¯¯° ½€¯f– Ŵ,f°f¾€ °¾° ¾f ¾ Ŵ½€¾f ¾f f°°–½f Ŵ–f°¾¾f¾f J¯f°°f9f¾Ŵť Ŵ ¾f¾f½f¾ J¯f°@°°–f9fnf°ť Ŵf ¾°¾ f°–n° Ŵ° ¯f–° f¾n¯¯°°¯¾ nf¾¾¾ n ¾ fť Ŵ¯°f° ¾¾°f ½¾ °°f¯f© €½n °¾ Ŵ – ¾–f f ţ¯°f ½nf ½n f¾¯°f° ţ¯°f¾¾°f Ŵ,¾ ¯°½n °f¾¾fnf ½¾ ¾½°fţffţf¾°– °–¾ f ¾ ° ° °¯ ŴIf¾½f° °–¾¾f ¾€¯°f°¯°f° fn Ŵ ½nfŴ€–½n °€ ¾f° n¾ ŴJf €¾°f °–¯° ¯f¾ Ŵ- nf€ ¾nf¾ f ¾€ ¯° ¯¾ f½¾ Ŵ@f°–¾ n¾¾ f ¯f°¾ f° f––f½°¾nf¾ f ¾ ° ¯f°f°¯f° Ŵ–f°¾¾ ½€¯°¯° -ţţ ,f½ť Ŵnf¾ °n °¾f¾€fn°–fn ţ ¾nżnf € n –f Ŵnff¾¾° @°ff½f#D°%°–&ť Ŵ°€ –°,f¾ Ŵ¾f ¾€ °nf
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