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Classical Studies 2302A/B Lecture Notes - Bsc Young Boys, Microsoft Powerpoint

Classical Studies
Course Code
CS 2302A/B
David Lamari

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Education in the Classical Era
not compulsory
Private Tutoring
Boys: 7-14
Discipline & memorization
Arete & kalokagathia
Boys: 14+, 3-4 years of education
Plato (Academy); Aristotle (Lyceum)
Philosophy, Rhetoric, Athletics
Collective conversational tutoring
training for body and mind
Social hang-outs
For the body and intellect
gymnasion, wealth, and leisure
School System in the Hellenistic Era
Gymnasiarchos, Paidonomos, and Epididaskolos
Three Categories: Young boys, older boys, and Ephebes
Sophronistes and kosmetes
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