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Lecture 5

Classical Studies 2440A/B Lecture 5: classics 2440 lecture 5

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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2440A/B

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267-294 Diadorus of cicily wrote from early times 60 bce to 30 bce -> historical library -> written in 40 books Book 17 of diadorus deals with alexander, Book 16“who assisinated Philip the 2 ”nd Alexander book missing information from 339 – 327 Diadorus’s quality as a historian varies very much along with his sources and he tends to write basically from one source at a time Clitarcus (look) may be Diadorus source On Alexander fairly clear and straightforward Curtius Rufus who comes from the records of Rome and was one of the consuls Quintus Curtius Rufus who was an orater, theoretical writer/teacher and a historian who wrote early in the reign of Claudius -> wrote a 10 book history of alexander, first 2 books are missing Curtus Rufus in latin is a long winded author He does have a lot of valuable information of MAcedonean customs and a source on modern theories Quintus Curtus -> irritating to read but provides useful information Areanus from a place called Nicomedia near the black sea -> he had a roman name -> about 86-160 (check) Epictetus most important stoic writer of the late first/early 2 century CE (check) -> was once a slave, Arean published extensive versions of Epictetus’s teachings which became important of historic stoicism Stoic’s main belief was that the world was created by a divine intelligence Stoic
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