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Lecture 1

Classical Studies 2440A/B Lecture 1: 2440 - Lecture 1

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2440A/B

th 2240A– September 4 2014 Lecture 1 Alexander's Fame  Conquests from Macedonia to the Indian subcontinent  Founded a large number of cities, most calledAlexandria  Alexandria, in Egypt, was technically not in Egypt  At the time, it was a Greek city  Not under the hands of the Ptolemaic dynasty  Lasted from death ofAlex to death of Cleopatra  Gordian knot: reference to the unbreakable yoke tie  Elaborate knot, whoever could undo it would ruleAsia  Bucephalas, his horse, got it when he was very little  His best friend, so to speak  Died in summer of 326 in India  Founded a city in his memory when Bucephalas died  Not many pictures ofAlex exist  Identified himself with the godApollo quite early on  Some coins have depictions of him as the Egyptian godAmon, with ram's horns  Most scultures have a slightly twisted neck  Representative of his actual neck twist  Known for his wild, unruly hair  Alex was known to be not even 5' tall  Took an Iranian/Persian wife named Roxane  Apparently he had heterochromia  Up until very recently, the concept of world domination was a very popular idea  Snuffed out by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945  Hellenistic age is the name of G
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