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Lecture 6

Classical Studies 2440A/B Lecture 6: 2440 - Lecture 6

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2440A/B

rd 2440 – September 23 , 2014 Lecture 6  Philip leaves him in charge of Macedonia  Alex found a pretense to invade Thrace  captures a city and renames itAlexandropolis  Philip marries Cleopatra, ward of one of his generalsAttalus  Olympias was not Macedonian, thereforeAlex was not Macedonian  Philip declares thatAlex was not his son since he was not legitimate  thought that Olympias andAlex were plotting against him  on the eve of his invasion of Persia  Alex is exiled, but then things are patched up Pixodoras Episode  minor Persian satrap  tried to negotiate a royal marriage with Macedonia  close friend of Philip that tried to patch things up  Alex sent an actor to replace him during negotiatons  portrayAlex in a positive light, to offer himself as a suitor  Philip goes ballistic over this, and banishes all ofAlex's friends  Philip decides to marry his daughter Cleopatra to Olympias' brother  Philip assassinated at the wedding, who was involved in it? • Aristotle appointed by Philip asAlexanders tutor in Meiza • Alexander was interested in ethnography, plants, animals, geography and all of these are possibleAristotle’s ideas as he was interested in these as well • Alexander interested in literature, Homer Illiad -> how to book to living his life • Ptolemy, Ephistia, Neophalus (
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