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Lecture 4

Classical Studies 2440A/B Lecture 4: 2440 - Lecture 4

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2440A/B

2440 – September 16, 2014 Lecture 4  Take all speeches with a grain of salt, since they are often embellished Philip'sActs as King  360, Philip becomes king, around 23 y/o  inherited Macedonia in an awkward state  3 half brothers and two royal family members that vied for his position  Argeus had the support ofAthens for the throne  Won the support by promising to return colony ofAmphipolis  Ionia invading from north, Illyria from the south  Bought off Ionian and Illyrian threats with bribes  ReplacedArgeus by givingAmphipolis back, 338; made a formal pact w/Athens  Turned on Ionia and Illyrians, brought many principalities into Macedonia  Contented himself with one objective at a time; focused attention  If many conflicts, suspended all but one until that was dealt with  All the people that he fought with were disunited and scattered  Shift in diplomatic policy  Previously: “do what we say or we'll destroy you”  Philip: gain allies by doing good to them, good will (with self interest in mind)  Isocrates (436-338): “if you please people, they will judge your intentions not your actions”  “if you fail in something, your failure will be overlooked”  an increasingly current policy that Philip systematically used and abused  348: Captures northern Greece  346: Philip presided over the Delphi games  342: Takes over Thrace  340: War breaks out vs Athens, Thebes and other Greek states  338: Philips defeats Greeks at Chaeronea  This is the end of citizen armies, prevalence of professional armies takes over  Greeks believed it was allowed to punish an ally that broke the treaty of alliance
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