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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2700A/B
Les Murison

October 15 2013 WATER SUPPLIES (Continued from last day) -how to know if water has gone scanty, you have three channel supplies of water, so if one has gone off you can locate which one it is easily -in Pompeii we have found houses with taps in them (it was basically turn water on and off) -this palace in Capri (near Coast of Sorrento, Italy) had very high cliffs, where you walk along the edges, and elevation was very high, about 45-50ft higher than the town. The city of Rome supplied Italy with 200 million litres of water a day (through aqueducts) -many ancient aqueducts are still working today -city have strong working fountains, but in rural areas and suburbs water can get cut out during the day -Spain Aqueduct of Segovia (tallest bridge Romans ever built – it gets to 160ft high, 52m) – probably build by Emperor Trajan (first non-roman Emperor) around 1 century AD. This water fed a system in through Gard Spain (World Heritage Site), which is a river. There are stones on the outside of the bridge deliberately for repair and to maybe attach ladders. It is 50km long. The gradient is so slight
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