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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2700A/B
Les Murison

September 19 2013 -burin are tools are making other tools – they are first precursor of machine tools -burins usually had thick stone edge on one side and a sharp end on the other -burins can be used to process a deer antler to make a needle – all that’s needed in a burin, a perforator and a piece of sandstone (to make it smooth) and then you use a perforator to make a hole in the needle -bone, antler or ivory can make many objects – a stylus -upper paleolithic stone making techniques – very efficient – musterian culture (middle paleolithic had 1 m of cutting edge) -primatic making technique (UP) 12m of cutting edge per pound of flint -flint is very common (can be found in chalk). It can be found 150m away from source of flint. Use of antlers were used to dig into flint. Only useful blades were taking. -hunters would take a bundle of cores for flint -as time went on the number of blows and taps to make a blade decreased -in turns of use of flint in UP – Promaniums - were highly efficient – sulutre – used barb and fish hook – also made a spear thrower (12,000bc in area called atlatl) – people think its older than this because in the UP age they had the techniques to build them -NEOLITHIC AGE – its in two sections -Mesolithic age – (middle stone age 14000bc the introduction of food
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