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Lecture Dec 1

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Classical Studies
Course Code
Classical Studies 2800A/B

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WUÈŴŵÈŵŴ ?ÊS SZ W WZUW^[ \SZ S WWZU^WW Ŵ W^_Wa_SZVZV^[WVS SVŷ_[Z_ 4 USWa_ WU`^[Z` WZW a_ Ŵ USWa_ SV\ `^[Z"#ZY[X^Y[_ WU`^[Z SV WWZWSZV` WZW a_ SVa^` Wa_ Ŵ WWZW SVŶ_[Z_W^S W_"XS` W^_'Wa_SZV(\ W_"XS` W^_\ `^[Z 4 [`W` S`'Wa__Z` _XS `^WWS`_WbW^S \ SUW_ W_` WXS` W^[X W^_Wa_S_cW (1 Ŵ [^W_[` SZSZ[ZWW _W Ŵ [ WZ WWZWcS_\^WYZSZ`'Wa__c[^WSZ[S` `[SWW^S W_^a W^[X` W SZV Ŵ W^SVW SWV` W ST[a^[X WWZWSZV_\WVa\` WT^` [Xa^_` Wa_"TWUSa_W_ W S_\[cW^[bW^ U VT^` SZY ^a W^Z_`WSV" WcS_T[^ZX^_` Ŵ W^S W__`^SZY W_Ŷ_ZSW_` S`WZ`W^WV` WZa^_W^\^[bZY` S` W__\WUS Ŵ W^ScS_T^WS_`XWWVZYW^S W_c [_ WcS_S_ WW\`[YSZS`W^ZS S``SU WZ`Ta`c WZ_ WcSW_a\_ W ` ^[c_ [XX[X W^SZV U[W_\[a^ZY[a`WbW^c W^W 4 __` WS`W[ [Y[X` W [S Ŵ [`W` S`W^S_Z` WZSWW^S W_ Ŵ ` WZSVbZW W \[XW^S W_ ( Ŵ W^S W_3a_U`WSU W^cS_US WV4Za_5[ZWVSW^S W_TSU SZVWV ZY [Z` W_\[` Ŵ W^S W_cS_S` ^WS`SZVcS_VXXUa ``[SZSYW_[ WcS__WZ`ScS`[ ^[Z` Wc_WUWZ`Sa^" WcS_SZ W6UW\`[Z`[` W^WU W__ZW__[XUWZ`Sa^_ 4 W S`WV`[` W^WWc[^VU ^W SZV 4 _X`_` W\S``W^Z[XTWZY_WZ`ScSX^[ [WS`SZWS^ SYW`[TW^S_WVTS_a\W^ZS`a^S TWZY Ŵ WTS`` WTW`cWWZ aSZ_SZVUWZ`Sa^_^W\^W_WZ`_` WV_`ZU`[ZTW`cWWZaZ^W_`^SZ`ÈSZS _`USZV [VW^S`[Z Ŵ W^S W__ [c_ _ W^[US\\W``W_T\^WYZS`ZY` WŹŴVSaY `W^_[X W_\a_` __ [c_ S^YWS\\W``W SZVaZ^W_`^SZ` Ŵ [` ZU[WVSZV`^SYWV" [bW_`[WS`SZVV^Z (( ( Ŵ ^_`cXWcS_ WYS^S Ŵ WcS_V^bWZSVTW^SUSa_ZY `[` Z _Z8 Sc_cW^W` WTSV8Ya_SZV _ _cXWSZVU V^WZ _ WVVZY _[cZZV^WVT [[V Ŵ [Z_a `_` W^SU WS`W \ c U `[ V WUSZS`[ZW"`[U[W`[`W^_c` T_W^bZYS_S_ SbW`[ a^_` Wa_"#ZY Ŵ WU[SZV_W^S W_`[\W^X[^` WŵŶ ST[a^_Ê#ZY3_XWS^`[VWXWS`W^S W_ _W X_[ W_WZV_ Z`[ U[ZX^[Z`S`[Z_c` VWS` 4 W_W`S__Zb[ bW `[TW`SW^[XZS`a^W Ŵ WUSa_W W_aUUWWV_ WWS^Z_Y [^`[ _ZSW" W[__\S^`[X _ZSW` SZ_`[W^S Ŵ WX^_`ź ST[a^_S^WU [_W`[YW` W^Ta`` W S_`ź ST[a^_S^WS`Xa^` W_`Z[cZT[aZVS^W_ ŵ; WWSZ4[Z 8` W_ZU[a VZ3`TW\WZW`^S`WVTSZZ[^S cWS\[Z_[W^S W_ SV`[c^W_` W` W [ZZ[^VW^`[VWXWS` 8 W^W[bWV`__ZTa_ZY`_U ScSZVc[^W` 8 W_S__[US`WVc` SU aTSZVST[cSZVS^^[c Ŷ; V^S 8SXWS W^W\` S
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