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Jan 5th Lecture

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B

cSZÈŴŹÈŵŵ Ŵ [US W^[ Z` WZ_ Ŵ b ZWSZV\[ ` US Z W^ `SZUW WW^SW_ ZY ` Wa_[X^[WWZ ZYWYWa_[X` WZ_W` ^SVSaY `W^ [_W V[Z W__Wa__[Z[XSY[VTa`S_[^S _WVS__[Z[XS ZY "$ $ Ŵ WYWa_ VW_S_c[^VSZV_SZVS_aZVW^ST[aVW^ Ŵ W__Wa_Y[W_`[` WZ_`[US ( _` ^[ZWS_ Z_`^aU`WVT)WYWa_ Ŵ Z` WcS)`[` WZ_* W__Wa_\W^X[^(_SZa(TW^[XST[a^_([^W[^V ZS^)*_(SW^`S__ Ŵ )` W` (W W_Wa_YW`_`[` WZ_`[_WW _+XS` W^,WYWa_* WVWS _\^WYZSZ`c ` _U V Ŵ WVWS`^ W_`[\[ _[Z W__Wa_aZ^WU[YZ WV W^WTa`S_ WTWY Z_`[V^ ZX^[(` WY[TW`WYWa_^WU[YZ W_ ` W_c[^V_SZV_SZVS_SZVZ[U_` WY[TW`[a`[X _ SZV Ŵ WVWS _X[^UWV`[XWWSYS Z*X[^_ WcS_USaY `V[ ZY_[(W` ZYWb ". ". /Wa_a^[\S W [__aZ Z[_ ZY S_ \ SW a WW`W_ ^UWc `U ^ SVZW SWV^S Z[`Sa^ WVWS Ŵ S_ \ SWSaZ`[X WVWS(S^^ W_ ZY[X Z[_ Ŵ "Z_`WSV[X_SU^ X U ZYSTa`[` WY[V_* WWW\_ `X[^ (_WXSZV_SU^ X UW_SZ[` W^[ZW Ŵ WY[V_\aZ _ (` ^[aY _c XW*SZV(SW S_ \ SWXS Z[bWc ` ` Wa Ŵ WVSa_(SW_SU[cU[_`a(WX[^ S_ \ SW`[S``^SU`` WTa*SZV_ WYW`_\^WYZSZ` Ŵ _0U^WS`a^W1 _VSZYW^[a_SZV_[ W _W\` ZSST)^ Z` S_[U[Z_`^aU`WVT)WVSa_SZVUSZ[Z)WS` \W[\Wc WZ` W)WZ`W^` WUSbW Ŵ ^ SVZWSZV W__Wa_^ SVZWY[W_`[WVSa_`[S_ [c`[YW` Z`[` WST)^ Z` * WY bW_ W^S` ^WSV Ŵ › WY bW_ ``[ W__Wa_c [a_W_ ``[X ZV _cS)TSU[a`T)aZc ZV ZY `*SZV _` W Z[`Sa^ 4 [(\S^W`[W^SW__S) ZY` W [Z Ŵ W__Wa_(SW_ _cS)TSU`[` WZ_`[US ( _T ^` ^ Y `*SZVT^ ZY_^ SVZW Ŵ WWSbW_^ SVZW[Z` W _SZV[XS2[_*SZVWSbW_c ` W^(W_ Ŵ å WZ^ SVZWcSW_a\*_ W^WS W__ W _S[ZW*Ta`_ WUSZZ[`Y[TSU [(WTWUSa_W_ W`[[\S^` Z ZY
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