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Lecture Jan 31

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B

cSZÈŷŵÈŵŵ źŵŶ Ŵ ~Wa_`W_S\_[`S`_WZWWV_`[W`V__Wa_Y[[W SZV_WYW`_a\_W`Ta`_W[TW_ Ŵ V__Wa_Ta V_ _[cZ^SX``[Y[[W SZVS\_[\^[b VW_ c ``WS`W^ S_W _^W_[a^UWXa W W^W_ Ŵ V__Wa_SZVS\_[SbWSWS`[YW`W^ Ta``WWS`ŶV XXW^WZ`WS_^W\^W_WZ`_`WV XXW^WZUWTW`cWWZ aSZ_SZVY[V_ Ŵ ë WW __S ZY [_W V[Z _WZW_WZV_S_`[^ Ta`V__Wa_[V_[Z`[`WbW [XS_WSY[VVW__c[ _SbW_ _ XW Ŵ W _cS_W_S_[^W[Z SWSU S Ta`WS_Z[` ZY Ŵ `WZS\a`_SV^WS Z`WWSV[XSa_ USS `W ZYW^`S`_W_[aVTWV[ ZYSaZV^ÊVW[Z_`^S` ZY`S` _W _TWU[ ZY[XSYW`[TWS^^ WV Ŵ W`S W_WX^ WZV_[a`[X`[cZ`[V[SaZV^SZV`W\STSc WcS ` ZYX[^ ``[V^ Ŵ Y^[cZSZS\\WS^_ZS WV U[bW^ ZY _\^ bS`W_ SW^X^ WZV_S^W_US^WVTa`_WV[W_Z[`TSU ScSÊ ` _SZ _V__Wa_ Ŵ W_[c cW^W`[TS`W WUWSZ_a\`WZ_S W_ [[ TWSa` XaSZVSa_ USS _S``^SU`WV`[ S_W _`[W^ Œ WWW`_`WXS S``W\SSUWSZV^WS W_ ` _`W\W^XWU`WS\W[X[_\ `S ` Ŵ X`W^`W_ ZY_[ZY_[X`W^[SZcS^ W_`S^`_`[cWW\SZV`W ZYS_ _ `[ VWZ` X _WXÊWV[W_ SZV`W_`W __`[^ Ŵ W SWSU SZ_SY^WW`[W\ YW`[W`WS_[Y bW _[SZ\^W_WZ`_`S`W^W`a^Z_[Wc ` [^W`SZWWX`X[^^[ [[ Ŵ V__Wa_WZU[aZ`W^c ``WU[\_ Ŵ V__Wa_SZV _WZU[WSU^[__SUSbWc U _[W`[S[Z_`W^` _ _[Tb [a_TWUSa_W[X`W WZ_W _ W[XWbW^` ZY Ŵ W^WS W_`WUSZZ[` `W[Z_`W^TWUSa_W`WT[aVW^T[U ZY`WWZ`^SZUWZWWV_`[TW[bWV Z[^VW^ X[^`W`[YW`[a` Ŵ V__Wa_Y bW_ [\Wa_`WU[\__[Wc ZW c UW _Z[`a_WV`[V^ Z ZY_[W` ZY_[\[`WZ` Ŵ V__Wa_ VWZ` X W_ _WXS_Z[SZ Z[T[VSZVU[Z` ZaW_XWWV ZY`WU[\_c ZWaZ` WXS_[bW^ Ŵ V__Wa_SZV _WZ_S^\WZSZ[ bW`^aZ Y` `[ZX ^W SZV\aZYW ` Z`[ __ ZYWWW Ŵ ëWZ\[\Wa_ScS W_ Z\S ZSZVUS_X[^W\ `WXW[cU[\_V[Z[`TW WbWSZ[ZWS_ Za^WV TWUSa_WW_S_Z[SZ S_ Za^WV Ŵ V__Wa_SZV _
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