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Classical Studies 2800A/B Lecture Notes - Speedometer, Pimiento

Classical Studies
Course Code
CS 2800A/B
David Lamari

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Latin Present Participle Suffix: ent/-ant
added to the first verb entry
meaning "ing"
Latin abstr. noun-forming suffix -ce/-cy
"ity" means a noun forming suffix meaning quality of or state of
Turns the present participle into an abstract noun
Silent > silence, president > presidency
-ence, -ency > L. -ent + ia
currency (licence vs. liscense)
sedentia > seance
ex. Dormancy
Dorm means sleep, an comes from (<) ing, cy < state of or quality of or act of.
ex. Silence
sil < L. to be silent
en < L. ing
ce < L. act of
E.M. the act of silent
primarily get attached to stems from verbs
re - "back" ex. reduce (lead something back)
se - "away from" ex. seduce (to lead away from a straight and narrow path)
con- "together, with; thoroughly or really"
conversation - take turns together or with somebody else
concussion - really struck but you could also say struck together with
someone else
Prefix in- (en-)
To be in or go into
Induce - to lead into the next phase
If you see en or in attached to a noun, you could be turning it into a verb
Endorse -
Enchant - to do something with that chant
Enslave - to make somebody a slave
Entrench -
Assimilation of prefixes
assimilate (p. 46): ad- to make something similar to something else
in-perfect > imperfect
In the vocal for lesson 2, ad, af, al, ag, as
Trans-dition > tradition
Vowel Weakening
Speedometer - NOT spelt spidometer
strong; strength: long; length
apt is the opposite of inept however when you add in you change the a to an e
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