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Lesson 2 Lecture Notes

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Latin Present Participle Suffix: ent/-ant • added to the first verb entry • meaning "ing" Latin abstr. noun-forming suffix -ce/-cy • "ity" means a noun forming suffix meaning quality of or state of • Turns the present participle into an abstract noun • Silent > silence, president > presidency • -ence, -ency > L. -ent + ia ◦ currency (licence vs. liscense) ◦ sedentia > seance ex. Dormancy Dorm means sleep, an comes from ( imperfect • In the vocal for lesson 2, ad, af, al, ag, as • Trans-dition > tradition Vowel Weakening • Speedometer - NOT spelt spidometer • strong; strength: long; length • apt is the opposite of inept however when you add in you change the a to an e • tangent; contingent • to take; cap-, -cip-, capt-, -cept- ◦ caption, deception Prefixes pro- (pur-); meaning in front of and super- (sur-) means on top of • prosecute ~ pursue • provide ~ purvey Prefixes • withstand - nothing to do with standing with someone, it actually means to stand against someone • midwife - she's not the wife in the middle? she's an assistant • overnight - spending the nigh
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