Classical Studies 2800A/B Lecture Notes - Q.E.D., Subtraction, Gerundive

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Gerundive (-ndum)
Used to indicate something which must be done in the future - means necessity,
passive "ought to/must be done"
English derivatives end in -um or -a (plural).
In some English derivatives the ending is dropped and in others it is changed to the
adjectival suffix -ous
Memorandum - something which must be remembered
Agenda - things that must be done
Propaganda - things that must be spread.
Agendum - something that must be done
Legend - something that must be read
Subtrahend - something that must be drawn from under
Stupendous - Must be astonished at
Tremendous - must be trembled at
Amanda (somebody who must be loved)
Miranda (somebody who must be looked at)
What is the difference between reverend and irreverent? Irreverent is in the present
participle. It means not revering. A reverend is somebody that must be revered.
Q.E.D. - quod erat demonstrandum - "that which must be proved"
- to do or drive
-Other vocabulary (ag-, -ig-, act-)
to do/to make
agent, active
iagare, -igatus > -igate "to make" (Just like -fy, -ize and -ate which mean to make
(makes the word a verb))
Fumigate "to make smoke"
Litigate - "to make a lawsuit"
Navigate - "to steer a ship"
Castigate - "to make somebody pure"
"To stand"
statu-/stitu-, statut-/stitut-
- to set or make stand (transitive)
- statute, institute
sist/stat (ex. consist)
-to make stand still, "stop" transitive - both of these verbs describe what you're doing to
somebody else (don't memorize)
-resist, consist, assist, insistence, resistance, consistency
-the difference between the words insistence and resistance are not significant - all
words in French that were borrowed from Latin were spelled with the vowel -a-. When
introduced back into English, some were corrected and changed back to an -e- and
some were not.
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