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Lesson 6 Lecture Notes

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Gerundive (-ndum) Used to indicate something which must be done in the future - means necessity, passive "ought to/must be done" English derivatives end in -um or -a (plural). In some English derivatives the ending is dropped and in others it is changed to the adjectival suffix -ous • Memorandum - something which must be remembered • Agenda - things that must be done • Propaganda - things that must be spread. • Agendum - something that must be done • Legend - something that must be read • Subtrahend - something that must be drawn from under • Stupendous - Must be astonished at • Tremendous - must be trembled at • Amanda (somebody who must be loved) • Miranda (somebody who must be looked at) What is the difference between reverend and irreverent? Irreverent is in the present participle. It means not revering. A reverend is somebody that must be revered. Q.E.D. - quod erat demonstrandum - "that which must be proved" -igare/-igatus - to do or drive -Other vocabulary (ag-, -ig-, act-) to do/to make agent, active iagare, -igatus > -igate "to make" (Just like -fy, -ize and -ate which mean to make (makes the word a verb)) • Fumigate "to make smoke" • Litigate - "to make a lawsuit" • Navigate - "to steer a ship" • Castigate - "to make somebody pure" "To stand" statu-/stitu-, statut-/stitut- - to set or make stand (transitive) - statute, institute sist/stat (ex. consist) -to make stand still, "stop" transitive - both of these verbs describe what you're doing to somebody else (don't memorize) -resist, consist, assist, insistence, resistance, consistency -the difference between the words insistence and resistance are not significant - all words in French that were borrowed from Latin were spelled with the vowel -a-. When introduced back into English, some were corrected and changed back to an -e- and some were not. sta/stat (ex. stance
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