Classical Studies 2800A/B Lecture Notes - The Rockettes, Camisole, Diminutive

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Diminutive Nouns
New nouns giving new names to things thought of as being smaller than or different in
some way from the originals.
Diminutive Suffixes: -cle, -cule, -culum
Tabernacle - little tavern
Buttis (barrel) ~ butticula > bottle (little barrel)
Bulter - guy who handles bottles
Corpuscle - body
Molecule - mass
Diminutive Suffixes: -el, ella, le
Umbrella - just a little bit of shade
Saccus (sack) > satchel
Castra > chester (large military fort, castle is small military fort)
Morsel - bite
Libel - book
Cerebellum - brain
-il, -ole, -ola, -ule
-Pupa (child) > pupil (little child)
-Gavea ~ caveola (little cave) > jail
-Gladiola - Little sword
- Camisole - came from camisa
-Undulate - make a little wave
-Globule - sphere
Diminutive suffixes: F, -et, -ette
bachlorette - small bachelor
rockette - female rocket, mini rocket
pupil or puppet both mean little child
Dimutive suffixes: E -kin
munchkin (little bite) cd. morsel
manikin (little man) > mannequin
Wilkins, Dickinson, Atkins, Jenkins, Tomkins
cad-/-cid-/cas- (to fall)
-cid-, -cis- (to cut, kill)
case - comes from the verb meaning to fall
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