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Lesson 11 Lecture Notes

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Lesson 11 Many English terms come from names of places or famous people in Greek mythology. Olympian • comes from Mt. Olympus, where the 12 Greek Gods lived. This means something majestic or worthy of the Gods Titanic • has to do with the Uncle and Aunts of these Olympians. Nieces and nephews lead by Zeus had a war against the Titans. Sky got kicked out by his son, Chronos, who got kicked out by his son, Zeus. • means huge, like a blast across the sky • Powerful, mighty Atlas • had to hold the sky up and keep it from collapsing • when it came time to collect maps of the Earth, they put this God on the front • people would call it the Atlas because it had this God on the front Chimera • was a combination of lion and goats • an organism with cells from two different zygotes Herculean • very powerful Stygian • has to do with the river, the modern meaning is dark or gloomy and dead souls get in this river and sail across to Hell • also the River of Sorrow or Lamentation Tantalize • means to tease • a guy named Tantalus (Zeus' bastard son) who tested or teased the Gods Panic • God Pan could produce any kind of mood when he played his instrument • Liked to throw people into blind fear or panic • Became the God of things that happen for no reason Procrustean Bed • A term used to describe when you require rigid conformity for no good reason • Procrustes - God who was tracked down by a hero named Thesyus. When this guy had guests who didn't fit their bed, he used to stretch them out, or chop them up if they were too long. Labyrinthine • Pertaining to the maze or the Labyrinthe • The King's wife slept with a bull and had a bastard child that he was embarrassed about. He built a very large maze and pu
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