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Classical Studies 2800A/B Lecture Notes - Procrustes, Narcissism, Odysseus

Classical Studies
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CS 2800A/B
David Lamari

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Lesson 11
Many English terms come from names of places or famous people in Greek mythology.
comes from Mt. Olympus, where the 12 Greek Gods lived. This means
something majestic or worthy of the Gods
has to do with the Uncle and Aunts of these Olympians. Nieces and nephews
lead by Zeus had a war against the Titans. Sky got kicked out by his son,
Chronos, who got kicked out by his son, Zeus.
means huge, like a blast across the sky
Powerful, mighty
had to hold the sky up and keep it from collapsing
when it came time to collect maps of the Earth, they put this God on the front
people would call it the Atlas because it had this God on the front
was a combination of lion and goats
an organism with cells from two different zygotes
very powerful
has to do with the river, the modern meaning is dark or gloomy and dead souls
get in this river and sail across to Hell
also the River of Sorrow or Lamentation
means to tease
a guy named Tantalus (Zeus' bastard son) who tested or teased the Gods
God Pan could produce any kind of mood when he played his instrument
Liked to throw people into blind fear or panic
Became the God of things that happen for no reason
Procrustean Bed
A term used to describe when you require rigid conformity for no good reason
Procrustes - God who was tracked down by a hero named Thesyus. When this
guy had guests who didn't fit their bed, he used to stretch them out, or chop them
up if they were too long.
Pertaining to the maze or the Labyrinthe
The King's wife slept with a bull and had a bastard child that he was
embarrassed about. He built a very large maze and put the Minotaur in it
Special shield that Athena had and gave it to Perseus
Perseus used this shield to turn someone to stone
Tall and strong woman
"Amaz" means the man
These women would live without men, they would rape men to impregnate
themselves and kill the male children they had
Anything that is calm or tranquil
Has to do with this myth of this man and this woman who loved each other so
much. Her husband drowned at sea and she cried so much that Zeus turned
them both into birds
She then had the ability to calm storms to protect her husband
Abnormal attachment to yourself
Has to do with this young boy who treated this woman, Echo, badly.
She loved him and could only say what he could say and he thought she was
teasing him
The God of Love was angry with him so she made him love himself so much that
he died
Image of justice
This God carries out law or justice
This became to mean your enemy
Comes from Odysseus who had to fight for ten years in the Trojan war and find
his way home.
The poem is called the Odyssey
He wants to hear the Siren's poem and he tells his men to clog their ears with
wax and not let him go
Seductive, alluring woman
These women would sit on a cliff and sing something so alluring (talks about their
greatest accomplishment) that sailors couldn't resist it. At the bottom of the cliff
were treacherous rocks that the sailors died on
Pertaining to this guy who's name is Proteus
He is a sea God who has a special power to tell the future unless you can wrestle
him but he's a shapeshifter
Protean means anybody who constantly changes their image