Classical Studies 2800A/B Lecture Notes - Demagogue, Dyslexia, Pediatrics

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Published on 4 Dec 2011
Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
Agon-: struggle, contest
agony - the result of or the act of a struggle
agonistic - etymological term, one who believes in contests
-Agog < G ag- (cf. L ag-): to lead
this can also mean a leader (similar to how the textbook describes -scop- "to
observe", but this can also mean observer)
demagogue (A2)
pedagogue (A1)
Note: study men, mnemon and mnest (ball)
Lec-, Lex- [log-]: to choose, to speak
cf. L. leg-
dyslexia - the condition of writing badly (dys - means badly)
Pus-, pod- (cf. L ped- meaning feet) vs. ped- (child)
pediatrics (A23)
podiatrist (A24)
orthopedic - has undergone a generalization of meaning from straightening out
children to straightening out everyone
English has this habit of putting an -s on the end of ic and making the word a
bear, bear, bore, boar - these words are not related, some people just think they
are, be aware of this. Almost every pun is based on bad etymology.
Why are fish so smart? Because they swim in schools. This is an example of bad
Policy, school
"I'm outraged, I'm outside myself with rage", another example of bad etymology.
Niggardly - means cheap, however some people thing it is associated with the
word "nigger".
Folk Etymology
A word analysis in which a word is restructured, either consciously or
unconsciously, into identifiable parts that do not reflect a word's true history.
Sovereign, surround (means to wave over your enemy, from - und or wave).
English did not know where this word came from and changed it into something
female (herstory, womyn, wombman)
Outrage - is not a folk etymology. -age means having to do with and outr- is
something that has to do with being so out there
Cockroach - tried to turn this into something recognizable, this came from the
Spanish word for cockroach
Bride-groom - it was originally a bride-guma (male person getting married).
Eventually the women just became a bride and English thought it must be bride-
groom (groom means to assist someone).
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