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Lesson 12 Lecture Notes

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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

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Agon-: struggle, contest • agony - the result of or the act of a struggle • agonistic - etymological term, one who believes in contests -Agog < G ag- (cf. L ag-): to lead • this can also mean a leader (similar to how the textbook describes -scop- "to observe", but this can also mean observer) • demagogue (A2) • pedagogue (A1) • synagogue Note: study men, mnemon and mnest (ball) Lec-, Lex- [log-]: to choose, to speak • cf. L. leg- • dyslexia - the condition of writing badly (dys - means badly) Pus-, pod- (cf. L ped- meaning feet) vs. ped- (child) • pediatrics (A23) • podiatrist (A24) • pedal • orthopedic - has undergone a generalization of meaning from straightening out children to straightening out everyone • English has this habit of putting an -s on the end of ic and making the word a science Homonyms • bear, bear, bore, boar - these words are not related, some people just think they are, be aware of this. Almost every pun is based on bad etymology. • Why are fish so smart? Because they swim in schools. This is an example of bad etymology. • Policy, school • "I'm outraged, I'm outside myself with rage", another example of bad etymology. •
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