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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Textbook Notes

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Notes Pedagogue and Demagogue • English words ending in -agogue are borrowed from Greek nouns in -agogos, a noun meaning "guide or leader" • Paidagogos was a slave that escorted children to and from school and now pedagogue means any teacher, especially one that is very formal • Pedagogy means the practice of teaching • Demagogue was borrowed from Greek demagogos meaning "leader of the people". Now it refers to someone who takes advantage of popular prejudices in an attempt to put himself or herself at the head of the movement, for the purpose of gaining personal power. • Synagogue is borrowed from Greek "synagoge" which means a meeting place • Recently, -agogue has been used in medicine to coin terms that are names of agents that expel substances from the body or promote the flow of liquid ◦ ex. lithagogue is "an agent that expels stones" ◦ ex. hemagogue "an agent that promotes the flow of blood" Prologue and Epilogue • English nouns from -logue are derived from Greek nouns ending in -logos, "word" • Prologue is an opening speech and an epilogue is a speech at closing The Metric System Revisited • When the metric system was adopted in France, it was decided that Greek numerals would indicate multiples and that Latin numerals would indicate fractions of units • Dekameter, hectometer
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