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Lesson 11 Textbook Problems

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Lesson 11 Part A 1. An (not, without)/esthet (feel, perceive)/ize (makes verbs from nouns); EM - doesn’t feel; MM - not feel pain or suffering 2. Esthet (feel, perceive)/ic (characterized by)/al (characterized by)/ly (state, quality action); EM - a state characterized by feeling; MM - in appearance 3. Hyper (over, excessive)/bol (a throwing)/e; EM - an over throwing; MM - exaggerated claim not meant to be taken literally 4. Parley - a conference between opposing sides in a dispute 5. A (not, without)/gnost (know)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by not knowing; MM - apathetic towards religion 6. Dia (through, across)/gno (know)/sis (state, condition, procedure); EM - state of knowing across; MM - deciding on the state or condition of a disease 7. Pro (in front)/gno (to know)/sis (state, condition, procedure); EM - state of knowing in front 8. Mes (middle)/o/lith (stone)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by the middle of stone; MM - middle part of the Stone Age 9. Mes (middle)/o/zo (animal)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by the middle of an animal; MM - an era of time 10.Plast (shape)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by shape; MM - remodeling surgery 11.Proto(first)/typ (impression, image, model); EM - characterized by the first impression, image or model; MM - preliminary or first model 12.Rhin (nose)/o/plast (shape)/y (state, action, quality); EM - action to shape the nose; MM - surgery to remodel the nose 13.Rhin (nose)/o/scopy (process of observing); EM - the process of observing the nose; MM - procedure which looks into the nos 14.Apo (away from)/sta (set, place)/y (state, quality, action); EM - the action of setting away from; MM - the abandonment of a religious belief 15.Apo (away from)/stat (set, place)/e; EM - set away from; MM - one who abandons a religious or political belief 16.Therm (hot)/o/stat (set, place); EM - to set the heat; MM - a device that controls heat 17.Stat (set, place)/ic (characterized by); EM - characterized by being in place; MM - not moving, stopped 18.Anti (against, opposite)/thet (place, put)/ic (characterized by)/al (characterized by); EM - characterized by being opposite of in place; MM - directly contrasted 19.Anti (against, opposite)/the (place, put)/sis (state, condition, procedure); EM - the state of being the opposite of a place; MM - direct opposite 20.A (not, without)/typ (impression, image, model)/ic (characterized by)/al (characteristic of); EM - characteristic of being without an impression; MM - opposite of typical 21.Epi (on, upon, after)/zo (animal)/ot (person concerned with)/ic (characterized by); EM - person concerned with or characterized by being after an animal; MM - relating to a disease that is spread in an animal population 22.Proto (first)/zo (animal)/o/logy (study of); EM - the study of the first animal; MM - study of protists 23.Hyper (over, excessive)/plas (form, shape)/ia (condition, procedure, state); EM - condition of an excessive shape; MM - enlargement of an organ or t
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