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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesFeb 212 Health is balance and disease happens when any change in lifestyle and environment causes loss of balance The purpose of treatment is to restore balance Physicians must support the nature of the patient and the nature of his body This nature has a natural tendency to reestablish balance Cooking the material makes it less harmful or it must be evaporated out of the body The physician must strengthen the patients body or at least not weaken it This is the mission statementto help but not to harm The three types of treatment are regimen drugs or surgery Regimen is the mildest form of treatment and it involves food The food must be weakened when given to sick people so that their stomachs can cook it Regimen means diet and is the conduct of life including times and composition of meals food and drink regulation of activity and rest sleeping and waking sexual activity baths anointing and massage 86Coction takes place at the crisis stage The period before crisis the patient is not strong enough to ththcook the food Crisis happens on the 4 or 7 day The patient either dies or coction takes place and the harmful material is expelled During the period before the crisis the patient should not be given food or should only be given weak food such as barley gruel tisane Giving them food that is too strong will harm them rather than help After the crisis you can strengthen the patient and give him stronger food that will also help to counteract the disease Food has certain pro
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