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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesJan 1212st Aulus Cornelius Celsus 1 c AD Names that end in us are Roman authors Romans have 3 names Greeks have 1 namest The 1 c AD was the Roman period Romans acknowledged the superiority of the Greek culture Celsus wrote books based on Greek theoretical writing He took Greek sources and gave them a Latin form He was educated and read a lot of medical writings but we dont know if he was actually a physician He wrote the book On Medicine which is about the development of medicine 1 On Medicine Introduction 111 1 He starts off by saying that there is an art of agriculture and an art of medicine Art is a translation of the Greek word techne which means technical Medicine is a skill or trade and a skill has a certain goal Health is always the goal of medicine The art of medicine is not lacking anywhere When he says uncivilized nations he means they had a lack of skill They had knowledge of herbs and they observed animals that ate herbs and then used them on humans This is called herbal medicine To hand means euporiston which means to get easily do not need to search for This means that these people had herbs and knowledge easily accessible to them The knowledge is passed down through families The medications are easy to find rather than having to prepare them and this shows this is a Roman author2 The use of herbs as an instinctive way of healing has become more technical among Greeks has become more techne They had superior knowledge and ability Theyve only been involved in the art of medicine for a short time however Aesculapius Latin or Asklepios Greek was a king in northern Greece had experience in herbal medicine and was first met around 800 BC he was a medical hero in Homer Around 600 BC he became a god of medicine and had a cult where people would come to be healed Greek religion is polytheistic which means they believed in man
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