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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesJan 1712 Homer was around from 800700 BC He wrote two poems Iliad and Odyssey which dealt with the Trojan war The Iliad deals with fighting and is the earliest work of literature Mt Olympus is where 12 Olympian gods lived and Greeks attributed different traits to them For example Zeus is the god of sky and thunderbolt Hera is the god of marriage and childbirth Artemis is the god of hunting young girls and young women and childbirth Ares is the god of war Apollo is the god of music prophecy archery and medicine Poseidon is the god of sea and earthquakes In Homeric poems there is a close relationship to gods Things that cant be explained are ascribed to gods When people get ideas they get it from gods They see their lives in a divine framework Homer describes the aspects of heroes Achilles Agamemnon and Odysseus are all Greek heroes The people in his poems are not sickthey either die immediately or are restored There is some mentioning of diseases nosos Nosos is a wasting away a condition of older people that eventually leads to death a melting of flesh literally It is not heroic or desirable and there are no means to fight it Nosos is sometimes ascribed to gods Humans have no means to fight it and gods sometimes take it away but most people die from it Another way of death is when a hero fights and gets wounded Sometimes Apollo is thought to send an arrow to kill people This is a more desirable way to die instead of a lingering death People might also die from pestilence or an epidemic which is also thought to be caused by gods Wasting disease is described in Odyssey 5 11 and 15 2a 2b 2c 1 Iliad 1 8454Iliad is about the fight that takes place in the city of Troy to get Helen back who has been taken by Paris Troy is a city in Asia Minor besieged by the Greeks When people fight and conquer a place they take people women as hostage Agamemnon takes Chryseis as his slave She is the daughter of Apollos priest Chryses and he offers to give money to the Greeks for her return bu
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