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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesJan 191210 Iliad 5 900Gods participate in battles of humans and they fight and get injured but they cant get killed Paieon is the physician of the gods and he healed Ares There is a comparison between the effect of drugs stops blood flow which you dont encounter very often with fig juice thickens milk which is an everyday experience Drugs stop blood flow quickly just as fig juice thickens milk quickly This is an explanation by analogy which is the attempt to understand what is unknown or cannot be observed directly by analogy to known processes A process inside body can be described by comparing it to an everyday experience It allows one to explain something that you cannot actually observe directly th 650550 BC was the period of early Greek science and philosophy In the 6 c BC there are cities and farmers and tradespeople are becoming more important Homers world is described by the interaction between gods and humans For example earthquakes were thought to be caused by a godBut by this time after Homer there are now natural explanations for these events Earthquakes are now explained to be caused by water movement Gods no longer dominate the world so much There is a new outlook on life Gods are not used anymore to describe phenomena of the world Things are now understood as natural processes rather than acts of gods People began asking questions about things This new development first takes place in colonies on the fringe of the Greek speaking world They learned new things about geometry astronomy and navigation There thwas not much known about medicine in the period between homer and the 6 century Nightwatching became important Homer is interested in particular events and precise observation but he doesnt try to generalize But now however there is an interest in the investigation of the universe New developments in cartography and astronomy led to improvements in navigation good for trade There was also a n
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