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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesJan 2412Hippocrates of Cos 460375351 BC Plato 429347 BC Socrates 469399 BC Aristotle 384322 BC In Homer iatros means healer or healer of the soul It means to make something which has been ruptured whole again Physician means healer He is important and is recognized in society He is itinerant which means he goes from place to place to offer his skills to people travels around Even though he is important he is not as important as the people who own the land Homer doesnt talk about specific diseases just wounds Changes in bones indicate problems with deterioration hard work malaria etc People had diseases at this time but we dont know much about them from Homer th26 Herodotus talking about Democedes of Croton 6 c BCDemocedes leaves his home town and goes to an island close to Athens He sets up a surgery and becomes a good surgeon even though he did not have any equipment Surgical instruments have been around since 1500 BC They are one of the most ancient parts of medicine There were salaried physicians who were employed by city states There was competition and the physician would go to the place that offered him the most money they were itinerant There were places within the Greek world that were famous for their physicians such as Croton Darius the king of Persia dislocated his ankle A dislocation is a m
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