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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesJan 2612 Physicians were apprentices to another physician and they paid a fee They had to have natural ability and learned it from an early age They learned certain techniques and knowledge through observation of the other physician The physician needs competence eloquence and reputation He must look healthy be welldressed and behave in dignified way He must inspire respect confidence and trust in his patients so they will follow his instructions He should not drink or eat too much He must have a certain grace with his hands and how he handles the instruments He should always put the life of a patient above his personal gain He should be disinterested in setting fees and should treat everyone equally In difficult cases he should consult colleagues He should be aware of the limitations of medicinesome people die and he is unable to heal everyone He should treat them to make them comfortable The ultimate decision about life and death rests with the gods Through his treatment and kindness his patients will be relieved of pain 53 Aphorismcollection of concise statements that are summaries of other Hippocratic books To learn medicine properly takes a long time and requires commitment and continuous learning Kairos means opportunity or the right momenttime when you should act or intervene If you dont act you may miss out on doing something positive Peira means trial experiment or experience and means that the outcome of medicine is uncertain and beyond the control of the physician The patient may still die even if the physician does all he can do The physician must be aware of his limitations Giving one medication might make one person healthy but another sickthere is uncertainty Medicine is based on experience as well as what is going on inside the body They had no real way of knowing what was happening inside dissection didnt happen until 300 BC The physician could only know what was happening through what came out of the body such as sweat urine and stool He must be ready on call and prepa
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