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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesJan 3112 Medicine as a science is interested in learning about causes and what is happening inside the body that causes diseases What goes on inside the body cannot be seen They can only deduce what is happening based on external signs such as by observing what comes out Medicine as a science is interested in the constituents of the body Presocratics physiologoi also asked these questions prior to Hippocratic medicine Physicians were exposed to theories about what is happening inside the body from Homer and physiologoi The Hippocratic collection contains 68 treatises written by different authors who all have different theories Most agreed that the body is made up of solid parts and soft parts Most of the parts are known but their functions arent The most important things or fluids for life are breath and blood already known in Homer The trunk is divided into two partsthe upper cavity thoracic cavity and lower cavity abdominal cavity Koilie means cavity The upper part of the abdominal cavity is the stomach and the lower part is the intestines Air is taken into the chest Blood is related to intelligence if the blood changes so does the intelligence Food is taken into the stomach and is cooked there coction which changes it into a substance that can be assimilated into another substance blood and used by the body Coction refers to digestion or the maturation of the disease causing material Arteries and veins were seen as vessels and blood is brought to different parts of the body through these vessels Phlebs means vessel and a vessel is used for the transport of fluids throughout the body The vessels were explained by analogy to an irrigation system What cannot be changed into blood in the stomach is moved to the intestines and passed out of the body as stool There are also hypothetical fluids in the body and they play a role in diseas
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