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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesFeb 712th Regimen was a novelty in the 5 c The other two treatments go back to Homer traumatic medicine Treatment by drugs People knew when to pick drugs and what ingredients to use There is an empirical tradition how to understand the properties of these drugs that goes back to Homer These drugs are used in Hippocratic writings to influence fluids and their movement and to heal injuries that were caused by irritating fluids fluids that settle in the body cause disease Pg 51 gives a list of different foods and animals that can be used as medication Metals were used to remove growths because they have an irritating effect We know from Homer that these drugs can be used internally or externally We also see this in the Hippocratic writings They can have a general effect on the body and on fluids such as cooling warming drying and moistening Phlemagogne or cholagogne are medications that remove phlegm and bile from the body They attract phlegm from all over the body to the stomach where it can be evaporated through vomit or anus There are drugs that promote evaporation and elimination through vomit sweat urine stool sneezing etc Simples are herbs with medicinal properties Dreckapotheke literally means dirty pharmacy and is the use of dirty or disgusting substances urine or mouse dung as medications81The problem in this passage is the woman cannot conceive which is assumed to be due to too much phlegm or bile A test is applied when the woman is menstruating The physician looks at the rags to determine if it is phlegm or bile on them In the last sentence it says how opposites are cured by opposites It also says that one must look at the entire body in order to determine what may be causing a problem in a specific body part If there is too much bile or phlegm in the body it may affect womb Me
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