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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2900
Beate Gundert

Classics NotesMar 2012 He uses an empiricist method his own observations for a process the empiricists dont approve of dissection Galen physiologyuses Hippocratic idea of humours and qualities and Aristotles idea of teleology organs and function He says that man has reason and can learn skills Man surpasses animals and has the ability to learn and create everything He wrote a book about how each part of the body serves a certain purpose 262He talks about the Hippocratic treatise about the 4 humoursblood yellow bile phlegm black bile He relates these humours to different seasons Galen takes this system and attributes his own ideas to Hippocrates Hippocrates is a hero to Galen and he is always right Galen takes the humours and finds one pair of qualities to which no humour is attributed tocold and dry Galen uses logic to deduce that there must be black bile Since there are four qualities there must be four humours and he attributes black bile to cold and dryGalen believes that Hippocrates combined medicine and philosophy and that he was a searcher for truth Black bile tends to be in excess in the fall phlegm in the winter blood in spring yellow bile in summerAristotle found that the solid parts of the body were homiomeres Aristotle said the purpose of every organ was to serve a function Galen took this idea further Homiomeres are of all four qualities He explains how these homiomeres and organs came to be in the body 263Galen believed that both parents contribute
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